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NYC Running Coach with a global, virtual reach

Running is about so much more than the act itself. If you want to keep your running habit sustainable and fun, you're going to need to keep your muscles strong and supple. As we shelter at home and spend less time moving around, virtual strength and stretch training can help you do just that. By maintaining a joyful movement practice, we can boost and sustain our physical and mental health to become better, happier, more resilient athletes.

Together, we will find fun ways to move your body and protect it from injury. We will ensure your health and safety by assessing and working from your current fitness level. Once we have that information, we can develop a flexible (so to speak) routine that fits your lifestyle and goals. Every body is different, but every body has the room to grow healthier and stronger.

Gentle Stretches for running with your virtual coach

Most of us know that stretching is an important part of exercise. However, if you are not stretching the right way, you risk injury. Together we can develop a stretch routine that shows us:

  • When to stretch (hint-- it's not when muscles are cold)

  • How different movements affect different muscle groups

  • which stretches you shouldn't; be doing

  • How to avoid over exertion

With this information and more, we can plan an effective stretch practice that helps you get the most fun from your run.

Strength and Fitness training from your virtual running coach

Let's work together to get your running muscles in the best shape possible. By running alone, you will see your muscles get stronger and do things you did not know they could do. However, if you only train by running, you create the risk of overworking certain muscle groups and creating imbalance. With a smart, safe strength and fitness program, you can further build key muscles and connective tissues and ensure other muscle groups can provide adequate support. This means better muscle coordination, which can only increase your speed. It also means less time nursing injuries and more time enjoying your running life.

Together we will tackle:

  • The specifics of strength training for running, which differ from standard strength training

  • how to build endurance and fight muscle fatigue

  • when and how often you should strength train

Fun, Safe and Effective running coaching at home

With The Laughing Runner, you build your running skills not through grueling regimens, stress and overexertion. Instead, you'll experience a philosophy of positivity and encouragement. One that makes athletes eager to see what they can accomplish. Together we can build a stronger, healthier, more resilient body, making for a better running experience. For effective at- home training, starting at $65 for a four week plan, contact The Laughing Runner, Natalie Dorset. Let's make the most of your runner's journey. 

New york running training
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